Term and Concert Dates


Autumn Term 2020

Every Tuesday evening online from:

September 8th – December 15th inclusive (half term Tuesday 27th Oct)

All Tuesday rehearsals are now online.

Every Wednesday evening from:

September 9th – December 16th inclusive (half term Wednesday 28th Oct)

Wednesday rehearsals are online for now. This could change after half term.

Every Friday morning from:

September 11th – December 18th inclusive (half term Friday 30th Oct)

Friday rehearsals are online now. This could change after half term.


Spring Term 2021

Every Wednesday evening from:

January 6th – March 31st inclusive (half term Tuesday 17th Feb)

Every Friday morning from:

January 8th – April 2nd inclusive (half term Friday 19th Feb)


Summer Term 2021

Every Tuesday evening from:

April 20th – July 27th inclusive (half term Tuesday 1st June)

Every Friday morning from:

April 23rd – July 30th inclusive (half term Friday 4th June)

Concert Dates (and other important dates)

Rehearsal information

All online Tuesday rehearsals start at 7.30pm and end at 8.45pm

All online Wednesday rehearsals start at 7.45pm and end at 9.15pm

All online Friday rehearsals start at 10.15am and end at 11.45am

All rehearsals are online right now and take place via Zoom.